RTrack Falcon

Pro Feature

RTrack Falcon is a proprietary system for estimating Roblox gamepass sale numbers over time. We use our own algorithm and millions of datapoints to estimate sales on hundreds of thousands of gamepasses. Paired with price information, RTrack Falcon also provides insights on estimated revenue from gamepasses on a per-game basis.

Gamepass sale and revenue estimates based on live data

RTrack Falcon uses our own proprietary technology to estimate gamepass sales based on live data and millions of datapoints. Our estimates are often within a few thousand sales of the real figure.

To use Falcon you need an RTrack Pro membership, and once you've got it you can use it to find valuable market insights that give you a leg up in your monetisation efforts against your competitors and improve the efficiency of your existing gamepasses.

Powerful search tools

Falcon's search feature allows you to search through every gamepass on Roblox, across games and genres by term. Using the insights feature Falcon will calculate statistics about every gamepass in this category, such as total estimated sales, the average price one of these gamepasses costs and the total estimated revenue in Robux.

Using this feature allows you to understand the market for an existing genre of gamepass, what sells well and what doesn't, and some of the reasons this may be the case.

New and old sales data

In addition to the most recent sales estimates from Falcon, you can also find historical sales data from Roblox going up to August 2020. This is marked in solid yellow on graphs.

To use Falcon you need an RTrack Pro Membership, starting at $8/Month with a yearly membership

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