Roblox ($RBLX) Platform Wide Data Dashboard

RTrack estimates and calculates many key performance metrics for the Roblox ($RBLX) platform, including monthly active users, daily active users, engagement hours and account ages. You can see all the data RTrack has historically released on this platform data dashboard.

RTrack's Roblox MAU Estimates

RTrack's MAU data is estimated using a proprietary system, and provides MAU estimates where Roblox no longer releases them. Most referenced Roblox MAU figures come from RTrack's data, as at the time of writing there is no comparative source of Roblox MAU data. Additionally, RTrack's MAU data is well trusted and has been featured in many major news outlets.

RTrack's estimated MAU and DAU data are available under the Enterprise plan, updated live every hour. Learn More

RTrack's Roblox Total Account Estimates

RTrack analyses Roblox platform data to calculate the number of users who joined the Roblox platform in each given year. Here is the resulting data from that analysis.

Platform Wide Concurrent Peaks Monthly

RTrack is the only Roblox analytics platform that tracks every game with players on Roblox, since early 2020. Using this data we can calculate the total number of players on the Roblox platform at any given time.



Disclaimer: All data are estimates, and are not official metrics released by Roblox Corp. RTrack Data Ltd does not take any liability for the accuracy of this data. For official data releases, you should go to blog.roblox.com or corp.roblox.com